• VISITE SITO: 1285.3K

Professional ethics and environmental protection

Senesi SpA has realised an interesting publication entitled “Professional ethics and environmental protection”. The book is edited by Benedetto Crescenzi, retired major and president of the APL (Marche Accademia Polizia Locale), and by Alberto Casoni, also major and former head of the “Environmental Supervision” Operating Unit of the Province of Macerata.

The text is made up of professional contents of an educational and informative nature that are addressed not only to employees and collaborators of the Senesi company but more generally to all those who care about the protection of the environment and the protection of public health.

The wish of Senesi SpA is that the reading of this book should be “useful to increase the patrimonial, managerial and technological values ??of the company and the long-term well-being of employees, collaborators and the community”.

This book is available and may be required at the Senesi SpA offices.