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Environmental protection, transparency, responsibility and social commitment

Environmental protection, transparency, responsibility and social commitment

Environmental protection, administrative and managerial transparency, responsibility and social commitment are the reference values of Senesi SpA. In order to respect these values and achieve the set goals the Company pursues a policy of continuous training and motivational involvement of the staff in relation to environmental, ethical, safety and health aspects. Senesi SpA in addition to be focused on its own development it is constantly committed in order that all the interested parties can contribute to the full respect of the environment with the necessary shared social responsibility.

Senesi adopts procedures and systems of control and governance of its operative processes which represent a guarantee for all the interested parts. Thanks to the adherence to internationally recognized certification schemes, the company has activated a constant analysis of work processes for over 20 years, defining methods of control and measurement with a view to continuous improvement. This commitment, constantly professed, finds an optimal synthesis in the Multi-year Integrated Policy


Ensure compliance with the legislative provisions on environmental protection to the parties involved

Demonstrate with consistency, coherence and in every area its social commitment, also through specific initiatives

Meet the expectations of the customer and more generally the stakeholders

Disseminate and inform publicly the company policy and strategies in the environmental and social responsibility field

Follow the standards of the reference rules and define the objectives and goals with the aim of ensuring the continuous improvement of the Company and the verification of its performance

Create in the personnel management, starting from the selection up to the end of the employment relationship, suitable conditions in order to carry out the work through training, safety and hygienic conditions of the working environment, the health of the employee, the acceptance of complaints and suggestions from individuals or workers' representatives

Adopt company management policies aimed at reducing energy and water waste and, in general, promoting environmentally conscious and respectful behavior

Select suppliers and sub-suppliers referring to criteria of environmental protection and management and administrative transparency

Operate to improve the safety and health conditions of its workers